Monday, December 22, 2008

Victoria Black Rose Pocketbook

I've had so many requests for "just one more" of this Victoria Black Rose Pocketbook that I just had to see what I could do. I have enough fabric to make 3 more, but not enough of the fabric I used for the lining and upper band on the original. So, I've decided to offer to make 3 more, each will be a genuine one-of-a-kind even though they will all have the body made from the gorgeous (and extremely, if not impossibly, hard to find) black rose linen textured cotton decorator fabric.

I will create each with a different contrasting fabric for the band, lining and pockets, and quite likely each will have a different flat braid. I do have the same tatted-look lace. Buttons may also differ. Each bag, however, will be just as beautiful as the original.  For more details and ordering info visit the Victoria Black Rose page at  Mama's Pocketbook

It's so exciting to create something different each time and fun to mix the fabrics and see how they turn out. 

Will you be one of the lucky 3 who gets one of these? I guarantee there will be no more than 3 bags made with this material ever. It is no longer available and I'll be using all that I have on hand. 



Carolee Crafts said...

Love the fabric and the design as always your creations are beautiful.

Have a Happy Christmas


cathy said...

what lovely fabric! That lace brocade just makes it too!
Have a great Christmas!

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Dianne,

The Victoria Black Rose Pocketbook is so lovely! I love your new blog. It's so pretty!

Have a wonderful christmas!!

Pei Li

Susan - My Vintage Charm said...

Hi Dianne,
Your designs are lovely! Embellishing them with something extra special makes them even better!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Well hey there my friend! Love your new blog. French Damask ooo la la! Love that purse too!
Have a wonderful Christmas my friend.
bunny kisses,

Shabby in Pink Boutique said...

Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL! Merry Christmas & Happy Happy New Years!
Pink Wishes,

Craft Diva said...

gorgeous, dianne! but then again, all of your creations are lovely.